Super Bloom

Super Bloom was born from the reunion of two friends, artist and founder Olivia Garip Davies and photography and dance enthusiast Tattiahna Welsh. Tattiahna, having immersed herself in the Los Angeles fitness world while working with renowned physique photographer Per Bernal, envisioned a kismet collaboration...

Connecting with Tattiahna reignited Olivia's love for photography, and having visited California during its Super Bloom, the seed for a floral collection was planted.

Malibu beach walks, hikes in Palm Springs, and Jacarandas petals on the streets of Los Angeles served as endless inspiration.

Olivia returned to New York, photographing Spring flowers and refining four colorways inspired by California's natural beauty — Napa Red, Anacapa Green, Malibu Blue, and Amboy Black.

A date to return to Los Angeles was set and the trip was made even more exciting when Elizabeth Kalin, a shared friend, videographer, and fellow dancer, booked her tickets to join the pair for their beach shoot with Per Bernal in June.

Together the trio spent creative three days together, reconnecting over a shared love for dance, design, and photography, culminating — after months of curation — in Super Bloom.