Olivia Garip Davies is a passionate artist and designer who fully embraces bold color and playful prints.

Despite being born and raised in New York, the city’s all black uniform never quite appealed to her. Olivia drew more inspiration from being surrounded by nature during her time upstate. At the Fashion Institute of Technology she channeled her love for color into three textile design degrees, discovering the perfect medium to bring her joyful colors into the lives of others.

Oh Gee Dee is a celebration of individuality and the details that make life worth living. Olivia’s designs are all very personal and inspired by the people, places and things that bring her joy. The Girlfriend print is dedicated to the women who have played a pivotal role in her personal growth, emotional security, happiness, and success. This heartfelt design has turned into her most popular product, the Girlfriend Recycled String Bikini, which accounts for over 50% of her sales.

The product collection at Oh Gee Dee centers around clothing and home goods used for comfort and self care: activewear, loungewear, swimwear, pillows, etc. Having just started the brand after her graduation, Olivia continuously challenges herself to find more sustainable suppliers that are small business-friendly. Her goal is to make a lasting impact on the happiness of her customers, rather than a lasting carbon footprint.

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